Doom Eternal Will Set Nintendo Switch On Fire On December 8

Following the successful port of DOOM 2016 to Switch, DOOM Eternal will in turn be released for Nintendo’s hybrid console on December 8.

Not long ago, we learned that the DOOM Slayer would land on Switch in a dematerialized version only… But without knowing when. In a trailer, Nintendo has lifted the veil on this mystery: Hell will finally land on its hybrid console in a week.

Hell and against everything

Panic Button, the studio in charge of porting DOOM 2016 to Nintendo Switch, a successful reboot of the franchise developed by id Software, is backing up for the port of DOOM Eternal.

The previous opus was originally designed for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and its port to Switch turned out to be pretty good, given the more limited hardware of Nintendo’s hybrid console.

With regard to the trailer for this port of DOOM Eternal, despite the graphics necessarily less provided than on other platforms, fluidity should also be there. The gameplay, it should more or less resemble that on Xbox One and PS4.

Nintendo Switch players will be able to enjoy this excellent title wherever they want from December 8. Nothing better than a little Hell to liven up the approach of the end of the year holidays.


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