Download BattleTech the full version Free Download

BattleTech the full version Free Download


BattleTech PC– A tactical RPG game created for the PC with action set in the universe of the title: a world full of bloody conflicts and mercenaries without mercy. The whole is a refreshing cult brand of figurative battle games, which in digital form was first released on PC computers in 1988, thanks to the Westwood studio. The game was developed by developer Harebrained Schemes, who has, among other things, the Shadowrun trilogy in his account. As time passes, we recruit new pilots who gain experience points on the battlefields for new abilities, develop and adapt mechs (we can also use equipment acquired on the battlefield). The standard missions are intertwined with the story campaign-related missions.

FREE BattleTech for PC– In 3025, the galaxy is digested by the incessant conflict between aristocratic families who manage entire planets, and even sectors of the cosmos. The fighting, due to the ban on the use of nuclear weapons and orbital bombing, powerful fighting machines called basses are used. The player plays the mercenary commander, who is involved in a brutal civil war devoid of interstellar energy and helps zagarnięty recover the queen’s throne from the usurper. In his PC BattleTech can play alone (we have to choose a one-time campaign and skirmish – Skirmish), or in the company of other players – rolling their battle spear against spear. The game features a practical module that allows you to first prepare the fight spears containing different variants of machines and their weapons. Technical Problems.

The game is prepared for the BattleTech PC can be divided into two parts. The first includes rotating turn-based battles, during which we control our pilots and use their machines, armaments, special abilities, and diverse terrain to outwit the enemy. We usually look at the battlefield from an isometric perspective, but when attacks and movements are performed, the camera changes position (similar to, for example, the XCOM loop). For greater readability of the battlefield, however, the tracking options can be turned off, focusing only on the overall view of the battlefield. BattleTech’s graphic design was implemented in 3D. The vehicle models are very detailed, but unfortunately, much can be attributed to the appearance of the place and the poor plots. In designing an art style, the creators focused on realistic science fiction – there is no question about the show like anime. The virtual equivalent of a board game tries to be as faithful as possible to the original.

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The management of mercenaries and fighting machines and the commissioning of executed missions take place in real-time, just like in the aforementioned Firaxis series. Therefore, it is necessary to closely follow the tables of expenses and income, because in extreme cases it may happen that our spear (that is, a battalion consisting of four machines) is grounded and for some time we will not be able to take any orders (for example if our mechanics are unable to repair damaged mechs, which takes time and money.

BattleTech Minimum system requirements

CPU: Intel Pentium Core i3 3210 3.20GHz or AMD FX 4300 3.8GHz.
OS: Windows 7 or Higher.
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 660 GTX or AMD Radeon HD 7850.
HDD: 15 GB.