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All you need to know about Fallout 76 

fallout 76 mutationsOnce again, the player takes the hero from the Vault – one of many huge nuclear bomb shelters, whose thick walls saved the remnants of humanity from the Great Nuclear War, which began and ended in 2077. The story begins in the title Crypt 76, located near the city of Washington in the former state of West Virginia. This structure doesn’t stand out too far from other buildings built by Vault-Tec, but its inhabitants follow the corporation’s original plan, which took over the reconstruction of the United States after 25 years of nuclear destruction, starting on the long-awaited Recovery Day. players hire some sort of pioneers, roam the trash, and look for places that humanity can fix again.

Fallout 76 is a sandbox completely focused on multiplayer gaming on the Internet; this means there are no traditional NPCs here, and all characters encountered are directed by other players. Although the map is so large that meetings with others don’t happen often, it sometimes happens to us to deal with, for example, a hostile user who wants to rob us. Avoiding confrontation helps us, among others the ability to hide your character on the map in front of a specific person. However, not everyone wants us to die, and a chance meeting can turn into a long-term cooperation.

fallout 76 mutationsThe world is four times larger than it could go through relapse 4 has been divided into six different regions; each of them is distinguished by a unique style and type of tasks that we can perform there. The waste of the area can also change dynamically – in West Virginia, there are many hidden underground nuclear weapons silos, and the players, having the obtained startup codes can aim nuclear warheads anywhere on the map to unlock the temporary special event and discover the rare commodities and overcome the elite monsters.

Collected materials are useful when building bases. CAMP Tool resembles the own bridgehead installation and expansion system placed in Fallout 4. However, it is not limited to specific points on the map – players can take a specific “toolbox” from any location and build whatever they want. A good base, however, can attract monsters, bandits, and other unwanted guests. As in previous titles, we can create the hero ourselves and develop it based on SPECIAL The perk cards with each level allow us to create various specializations of your character, depending on the activity you do or the role in the team.

Fallout 76 Mutations

A player character can be affected by these mutations:

MutationPositive Effect(s)Negative Effect(s)Serum RecipeBase ID
Adrenal Reaction+Weapon DMG at low HPMax HP -50Adrenal reaction serum004E1F14
Bird BonesAGI +4, Fall from heights more gradualSTR -4Bird bones serum003C403D
CarnivoreEating meat provides double the hunger satisfaction, HP restoration, and consumable buffs, with no disease chanceEating plant-based food does not satisfy hunger, restore HP, or apply buffsCarnivore serum003C4049
ChameleonInvisibility in combat if unarmored and standing stillMust be unarmored,[1] stationary and not attacking for effect to workChameleon serum004E4006
Eagle EyesCritical Damage +25%, PER +4STR -4Eagle eyes serum003C4037
Egg HeadINT +6STR -3, END -3Egg head serum003C4045
Electrically ChargedChance to shock melee attackersSmall amount of damage done to playerElectrically charged serum004E400D
EmpathTeammates take 25% less damagePlayer takes 33% more damageEmpath serum004E1F16
GroundedEnergy Resistance +100Energy Damage -50%Grounded serum004E4002
Healing FactorHealth Regeneration while not in combat +300%Chem Effects -55%Healing factor serum004DF1DB
HerbivoreEating plant-based food provides double the hunger satisfaction, HP restoration, and consumable buffs, with no rads or disease chanceEating meat does not satisfy hunger, restore HP, or apply buffsHerbivore serum003C404E
Herd MentalityAll SPECIAL stats +2 when groupedAll SPECIAL stats -2 when soloHerd mentality serum004E1F1E
MarsupialCarry weight +20, +jump heightINT -4Marsupial serum004DF1CE
Plague WalkerPoison aura scaling with your diseasesDiseases cannot cure themselvesPlague walker serum004E4021
Scaly SkinDamage and Energy Resistance +50AP -50Scaly skin serum004DF1CF
Speed DemonMovement speed +20%, faster reload +20%+50% drain on hunger and thirst while movingSpeed demon serum004DF1E0
TalonsPunching attacks do 25% more damage + bleed damageAGI -4Talons serum0028D3BC
Twisted MusclesMelee damage +25%, better chance to cripple limbsGun accuracy -50%Twisted muscles serum003C402F
Unstable IsotopeMedium chance to release a radiation blast when struck in meleeMinor damage to player during the radiation blastUnstable isotope serum004E4017
Cut content Rad WalkerRadiation aura scaling with your radiation.[2] Does not affect targets already taking radiation damage.Radiation healing reduced by 50%Cut content004E4028


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Fallout 76 Minimum system requirements

CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K 3.3GHz or AMD FX-8320.
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 2GB or AMD Radeon R9 380.
DirectX: Dx 11.
HDD space: 50 GB.