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Minecraft Story Mode PC– With every gaming studio Telltale Games proves that there is no fear of any topic. The Walking Dead? IS. Game of Thrones? Checked. Minecraft? Nothing to thank. Especially the third title struck me as a big surprise because it seemed to me that dramatizing the story is the last thing this brand needs. Only after a while did I realize that Minecraft is not just about digging a lot of streamers and holes, but also the extremely complex universe – backed by numerous books, stories, and legends. This is reason enough not to scratch the track from the start. I don’t think I drew, although I have to admit that in the prototype I don’t like it – maybe it’s pungent in the eyes of the pixel, or maybe just not my climates. Minecraft: Story Mode, but I thought for another pair of rubber boots and… it was worth it. How the game brings a breath of fresh air to the adventure world from Telltale, at least in some respects. Although it is not without its drawbacks.

FREE Minecraft Story Mode for PC– Elections also have a slightly different weight than z. The Game of Thrones, where virtually no time, you can kill a measure. This is more than a good relationship with peers. For example, accepting the idea of ​​friends, Jesse had his friend and so failed on. It goes without saying that Minecraft: Story mode presents in friendship and not sacrifice, albeit in one place to really enjoy some of this Game of Thrones. I don’t talk about nudity. Another thing that the last choice in the first chapter was so zerojedynkowy that… probably set the whole second chapter of the story – or at least I think. Only the hero a little unlucky, because he blows inertia for a kilometer away. Much more interesting to draw, but his companions, I really would be a pity if something happened to them.

The game features some nice treatments that can pave the way for other titles from this producer. The producers were probably quite accusing that their productions are more interactive than a full-fledged video game and surprisingly in some places. For example, when it turned out that in front of the creeperami at the same time… I can your character to go back and forth. Sounds like something completely obvious, but not something to experience in other games from Telltale. Minecraft: Story Mode is not just a QTE sequencing festival, but also a test for evasion – sometimes easy to break down. An interesting change is also a table for making objects. It is not known if Minecraft hadn’t been Minecraft for engaging with the craft climate. Here, the table appears at crucial moments, when, for example.

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The hero uses the ingredients he collects on the way. It’s funny, but he couldn’t do it more freely about it. Jesse often had no direct influence with ingredients that… not applicable are praised, or at least me. Simply, that if we went into the woods collected some wood and defeat the sinister spider he acquired a small cobweb. Personally, I would have preferred to have been a player on the road to gathering the necessary material and had to deal with the consequences if they missed an important item. Will future episodes bring any revolution to this discussion? I don’t know, but I really count. Plus Story Mode Minecraft can be proud by far the coolest theme song in the game menu. Loop engaging course and instantly tune into an adventure.


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Minecraft: Story Mode Minimum system requirements

CPU: Core 2 Duo 2GHz or equivalent
OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3
Video Card: ATI or NVIDIA card w / 512 MB RAM
Free Disk Space: 3 GB