Pros and Cons of Living by Yourself as a 20-something

There comes a point in most young adults lives where you need to be on your own. You’ve done the dorm living, you’ve tried living with a significant other, you have tried living in an apartment with roommates, and you’ve finally decided you need to be a lone wolf. There are a few pros and cons of living by yourself though, so before you decide to take the leap, read through these first.

PRO: No pants? No problem! If you live alone and don’t walk around naked all the time, you are definitely doing life wrong.

CON: Paying bills by yourself sucks. Yes, you enjoy your own space, but you definitely don’t enjoy getting bills with only your name on them. Rent ain’t cheap for a 1 bedroom.

PRO: No fridge guarding. When you live with other people, sometimes you notice missing food, which leads to labeling your things like “Taylor’s milk, touch it and die”. At least when you live alone, you know that if food went missing overnight, it’s probably due to your unhealthy habit of sleep-snacking.

CON: When you come home after the sun has set, you walk inside, pepper spray in hand, on the phone with someone in case they need to call the cops, you check every closet, under the bed, behind the shower curtain, and any other places you might think a serial killer could be hiding. You can never be too safe!

PRO: Your bizarre sleep schedule affects no one but yourself. If you need to stay up and study, you can leave on your lights and music to keep you awake instead of hiding under your blanket with a flashlight so as not to wake up your roommate.

CON: Sometimes you get bored. It can be a lonely life, which you normally love, but sometimes it would be nice to come home to someone that you could rant about your long day to. Thankfully, you can call your best friend and tell them about your problems, but it’s better when you have someone in person to rant to

PRO: Decorating can be as crazy or as minimal as you want. When you live with someone else, you either can’t put certain things up on the walls or are stuck staring at a poster of My Little Pony for an entire semester.

CON: Forcing yourself to cook an elaborate meal for 1 seems like such a waste of time and energy. So your normal dinners are either flash frozen meals or Spaghetti O’s.

PRO: You can have guests over whenever you want for however long you want. Best friend is fighting with her roommate? Your couch is open. Your mom wants to come visit for the weekend? She can feel comfortable staying at your place and not have to feel like she’s intruding on your friends (well. as comfortable as your 1 person apartment can possibly allow).

CON: When you need outfit advice, your best option is to Snapchat your friends for opinions. You also don’t have anyone under the same roof that you can borrow clothes from for that hot date on Friday. You have to make the trek to your best friend’s house instead.

PRO: You can keep your apartment as clean or as dirty as you desire. If you have a busy week and dishes pile up, you know that you’ll get to them on Thursday and it’s not a big deal. If you lived with a clean freak, they’d probably spontaneously combust over dishes being left in the sink. You don’t have to deal with that or vice versa, like picking up after anyone else because you are not someone else’s maid.

CON: You have to make more of an effort in order to hang out with people. When you have a (good) roommate, you have an automatic person to Netflix binge with you also know their schedule so it isn’t hard to hang out. When you live alone, you have to at least attempt to make plans (ew) and decide who’s place to have get-togethers at.

PRO: Its not hard to get some alone time when you need it. When life gets a little too much and you need a second to breathe, you can recoil into your own little cave. It kind of sucks when you just want to be alone and decompress on the couch via Netflix binge and then your roommates invite themselves to join in.

CON: Since a lot of your friends live together, you are more likely to go to their houses instead of trying to corral them all to your apartment. And half the fun of having a place to yourself is showing off your interior design skills, am I right?

For me, the pros outweigh the cons, I love living in my own place! But each person handles being alone differently so make sure it’s the right move for you!

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